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Alexis Cameron: A Friend Is Lost :(

I only learned today that a good friend passed away in 2006 after a long battle with MS. I loved her, and dearly miss her.

Alexis (Wadsworth) Cameron
AlexisCAMERON, ALEXIS (Wadsworth) (Age 54)ALEXIS CAMERON (Wadsworth), died in the early morning hours of March 13, 2006, at VA Hospital Center after struggling with the insidious disease of multiple sclerosis for over 25 years.

Alexis was born at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and spent the majority of her childhood years in Bethesda, MD, graduating from Walt Whitman High School in 1969. Ms. Cameron then attended the Maryland School of Art and Design for one year, before deciding to pursue a career with computers.

Alexis was working as a Computer Analyst in Washington, DC, when she was stricken with multiple sclerosis.

Ms. Cameron lived with assistance until the MS had progressed to the point where she entered Cherrydale Nursing Home in Arlington, VA, four years ago.

The family would like to thank all the exceptional staff at Cherrydale Nursing Home, especially Director of Social Services Mrs. Faith Edwards, and Nursing Assistant Xanda, for the excellent professional and personal care that Alexis received there.

Ms. Cameron’s personal physicians, Dr. Boland and Dr. Beselga, were extremely caring and professional for many years.

The staff at VA Hospital Center were high quality and nurses Melanie and Connie in the ICU in particular, provided the human touch and dignity that helped Alexis to the end.

Alexis Cameron was extremely intelligent, a computer whiz, and a very talented artist as well. Few could have walked a mile in her shoes, and done as well.

Alexis Cameron touched all that knew her and she will be sorely missed.

Ms. Cameron is survived by her brother Alex (Sandy) Wadsworth; and nephew Matt Wadsworth; cousins Bill Heasley, Sandra Pierce, Betty Pearson, Russell Parks, Jr. and Joan Wilt; and aunts Dorothy Heasley and Ruby Parks; and Duke and Carolyn Peacher. Services are private. Please make any contributions to your local chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

My New Dell

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Executing your own SQL queries together with SDK synchronization

Taken from:


Category: SDK, API & Command line
Date: 15 May 2009
Product: SQL Comparison SDK
When executing a synchronization script created by the SQL Comparison SDK, it may be desired that some ad-hoc queries be intermixed with the SQL produced by the Red Gate APIs.

Because the BlockExecutor class can only run SQL code by converting ExecutionBlocks to SQL code and submitting them to the SQL Server, custom SQL cannot be introduced into the query stream. It is possible, however, to break an ExecutionBlock into individual query batches and running them using the .NET Framework’s ADO .NET methods.

In the following C# example, a SQL query “SET LANGUAGE us_english” needs to be submitted before the synchronization produced by the SQL Data Compare Engine. First, a connection is made to the server using the connection properties of the second database. Then a transaction is created. The custom SQL query is run first, then each batch of SQL from the ExecutionBlock in order. Finally, the transaction is committed. If any errors occur during the execution of the SQL script, then the error is written to the console and the transaction will be rolled back.

ExecutionBlock block = provider.GetMigrationSQL(session, new SelectionDelegate(this.SyncRecord), true);

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlTransaction trans = null;
// Make a connection string from the second database connection properties
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection conn = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(“Data Source=”+db2.ConnectionProperties.ServerName+”;Initial Catalog=”+db2.ConnectionProperties.DatabaseName+”;Integrated Security=SSPI”);
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand cmd = conn.CreateCommand();
trans = conn.BeginTransaction(“MyTransaction”);
//Run the first command
cmd.Transaction = trans;
cmd.CommandText = “SET LANGUAGE us_english”;
//Run batches
for (int i = 0; i < block.BatchCount; i++)
Batch b = block.GetBatch(i);
if (!b.Marker)
cmd.CommandText = b.Contents;
catch (System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException se)
Console.WriteLine(“Execute SQL failed: ” + se.Message);

Welcome to my Red Gate Eval Center!

I’ve been working with some really great software lately, and need to keep my own Knowledge Base for critical issues.

Sprint Simply [Not Quite] Everything Cellular Plan

It all started with an $800 cell phone bill! $800! Arghghghghghg!!! So I called Sprint, switch my plan, made some payments, and the very next month it was back up to $800!!! Those bastards! Yes, more overages, plus due to where and how I was working for the month, I was using call-forwarding, and crap, who knew that they always charge $.20/minute when using call forwarding!?!?! What a rip-off!!!

Okay, so I switch to the “Simply Everything” plan, and was told that I would have everything I used to have, but now I’d have unlimited minutes, and I’d never have to worry about my phone bill freaking out again.

All was cool until I got on the train today, and that’s when I found out… No longer would I have the “phone as modem” option, and so for 10 hours on the train, if I wanted the ‘net, I’d have to surf it through the phone itself!


Hahaha! Screw you, Sprint, I found a cool program that makes it work anyways!

It’s called WMWiFiRouter, and you can find it at WMWiFiRouter.Com — it can use the USB or WiFi connections to make it all work, but it does seem to be pounding my phones battery.

I’ll post again later once I have a little more experience with it! :)


I have so many Information Technology issues on the table at any given moment, due to my work and school schedules that I have a hard time keeping it all organized. Therefore, this overall page will serve as a menu of “what’s going on”, and you can look to the feature sub-blogs for more information!

Of course, I could have taken the “easy way out”, and either created my blog(s) on Blogger (which I did anyways) or else I could have installed one or more of the many open-source or otherwise free blog programs that run on ASP or PHP — Okay, so I did that, too! The point, though, is that I decided to create my own blog site for the fun of it.

Really, though, it is all about flexibility. I needed the ability to showcase my work during college, and also a searchable repository of data that I collect while doing research. This site is particularly handy for me in this way because I can access it from anywhere, and use it to store and retrieve research data.

Today, I think I’ll go ahead and create the “LifeBlog”, where I can blog about everyday stuff, and not just techie bits that help us developer types along!

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As a student of Information Technology at South University I collected many pieces of documentation, software, and other works that I posted on my original site. My professors at South University were excellent, and I reccomend them highly. To learn more, please click the graphic below!

South University - Established 1899

Now that I’m a proud holder of my Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, I’ve decided to continue to host much of the information that I collected, and keep it searchable via Google and other web search mechanisms.

DNNCreative: Andreas 09 “Free DotNetNuke CSS Skin”


Adapted to DNN By Lee Sykes
Design by Andreas Viklund


August 2007

Andreas 09 is a free XHTML/CSS skin, the

original template was created by Andreas Viklund, and it has been

adapted to a DotNetNuke skin by Lee Sykes.

My Mystic: A Special Poem, by a Special Girl

There was once a special cat in my life by the name of Mystic; but that’s nothing compared the very special young girl who was a part of my life then.

Meagan, I found your poem, and I want you to know that I never forgot you or Mystic. Please write me.

My Mystic

I had a kitty black and white

He used to sleep

With me at night

He would wake me up

To get a scratch

And on his eye

He had a little black patch

We’d play together all

Day long

Never thinking something

Would go wrong

He was my friend

My pal to

The end

He was hit

By a car

I bet they drove

Away far

by Meagan