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Backup and Restore VMs in Windows Azure by Using Powershell

One of the problems that I run into when using virtual machines in Windows Azure is that I don’t get the easy to use checkpoints. I guess you still don’t! But at least you get some kind of method. http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2014/01/24/create-backups-of-virtual-machines-in-windows-azure-by-using-powershell.aspx I’ll have to look further into it to see what the officially supported/correct way of […]

Executing your own SQL queries together with SDK synchronization

Taken from: http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/Content.aspx?p=SQL%20Comparison%20SDK&c=knowledgebaseSQL_Comparison_SDKKB200809000297.htm Category: SDK, API & Command line Date: 15 May 2009 Product: SQL Comparison SDK When executing a synchronization script created by the SQL Comparison SDK, it may be desired that some ad-hoc queries be intermixed with the SQL produced by the Red Gate APIs. Because the BlockExecutor class can only run SQL […]


I have so many Information Technology issues on the table at any given moment, due to my work and school schedules that I have a hard time keeping it all organized. Therefore, this overall page will serve as a menu of “what’s going on”, and you can look to the feature sub-blogs for more information! […]


As a student of Information Technology at South University I collected many pieces of documentation, software, and other works that I posted on my original site. My professors at South University were excellent, and I reccomend them highly. To learn more, please click the graphic below! Now that I’m a proud holder of my Bachelors […]

DNNCreative: Andreas 09 “Free DotNetNuke CSS Skin”

http://www.dnncreative.com/Tutorials/SkinningTutorials/Andreas09/tabid/357/Default.aspx Adapted to DNN By Lee Sykes Design by Andreas Viklund http://andreasviklund.com August 2007 Andreas 09 is a free XHTML/CSS skin, the original template was created by Andreas Viklund, and it has been adapted to a DotNetNuke skin by Lee Sykes.